Joint efforts, mutual trust needed to prevent conflicts in cyberspace: Chinese expert

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With the increasing complexity and rising vulnerabilities of cyberspace, Xu warned that no country can withstand state-level cyber attacks in the digital age.

Senior Captain Xu Manshu, professor of National Security College of National Defense University of People's Liberation Army, said in a speech at the ongoing Shangri-La Dialogue that it is a shared aspiration of the international community to find a way to reduce destabilizing factors in cyberspace.

The rapid development and comprehensive application of information and communications technology have created and enlarged cyberspace, which, while promoting social efficiency and economic prosperity, also poses new challenges to national and international security, Xu said.

In order to prevent conflicts and crisis in cyberspace, Xu said "joint efforts are required to resolve security dilemmas and enhance mutual trust."

The Shangri-La Dialogue, officially known as the Asia Security Summit, kicked off here Friday and will last till Sunday.

SINGAPORE, June 1 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese military expert said here on Saturday that countries should make joint efforts and enhance mutual trust to prevent conflicts and crisis in cyberspace.

For example, Xu suggested countries consider putting in place a notification mechanism for regular exchanges on cybersecurity so as to have a better understanding.

"More communication devices could be established at working levels incrementally," Xu said. "Diversified communication channels are necessary for emergency response and coordination in crises and crucial for avoiding miscalculation."